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Prenuptial Agreement

Set up a Prenuptial Agreement Before Saying “I Do”

When you are engaged, it’s important to remember what will happen when you have a spouse. Before you say, “I do,” you may want to look at a prenuptial agreement in Fort McMurray, AB. This can protect you in a number of different ways now and throughout your marriage.


At Muessle Flett Law LLP, we work with couples and individuals to establish a prenuptial agreement. Particularly if you are entering the marriage with significantly more money than your partner, this may be necessary in order to protect your assets. Otherwise, in the event of a divorce, your partner could walk away with half of your assets.


There are all sorts of reasons to establish a prenuptial agreement – and we will be happy to discuss the various benefits to doing so when we meet with you personally. After getting to understand your personal and financial situation, we can suggest the best way to protect yourself with such an agreement prior to walking down the aisle.

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